Marola de Luis Días

Dear friends:

I have finished editing the video from my recent concert at the "Teatro Nacional" of Dominican Republic. As of now I believe I will be sharing these videos starting from the 2nd of January. Nevertheless I have decided to share with you today the encore of the concert as a teaser of what will you see starting January. 

On this encore I'm performing an improvisation on a song by Luis Días. Luis is one of Dominican Republic's greatest musicians, he has written national classics. To me Luis is the dominican musician that has influenced my work the most. Back in 2000 I used to visit him quite often in order to learn from him as much as possible about dominican folk music. Back in 2009 Luis passed away. On May 4th 2014 I performed my first solo concert at the National Theatre of Dominican Republic and decided to dedicate the encore to him by doing an improvisation on his song "Marola".

I wil share both, my version of "Marola" and his.