In Trance arrives to NPR (National Public Radio, USA)

These last couple of days I have been working on promoting "In Trance" through different radio stations and music magazines throughout the world. I have been receiving wonderful feedback from so many DJ's and music critics. The beauty of it all is that these days critics and DJ's are more open into receiving promotional material directly from the artist and that is what we call DIY (do it yourself) instead of having a record company doing that job for you.

Yesterday I visited the web of the NPR show Alt.Latino, whom I contacted through their facebook page few days ago presenting them "In Trace", and saw that they included on this week's edition of the show my piece "Ritos".  For ages I have been listening to NPR and has been a personal dream of mine having my music played there. Alt.Latino is one of those programs that promotes exquisite music from Latin America and Spain, lots of indie music from those places.

I could not believe I made it there, but I was touch by the beautiful words they had for my music. They presented the show with the following words

"MIGUEL MIGUEL MIGUEL MIGUEL. That's what I'd like this week's show to be all about.

But I didn't get my way. Felix saved all of you from a podcast about my obsession;guess I'll have to wait until he's out sick! But we do have a terrific episode, featuring a unique instrumental composer, a musician from the Dominican Republic, an ethereal Mexican electronic band and my favorite Colombian neo-soul singer. It's a week of musical potpourri you're sure to love."

I noticed they related my music to one of my all time favorite artist and musical inspiration; Egberto Gismonti.

Thanks Jasmine and Felix for the courtesy of including my music on NPR's Alt. Latino.

Here is the link of the show, though soon I will add the MP3