Minor 7th.com talks about "In Trance"

Minor 7th has been out there for many many years talking about artists and albums that I love. To me is such a privilege that they have chosen to talk about my album "In Trance" as one of their short takes reviews.

Here is the review and by clicking on the link below you will be able to see it on their web

"In Trance" is guitarist Anthony Ocana's fifth release presenting six brilliantly conceived compositions inspired by Nelson Ricart-Guerroro's poem "La Luna o los Ritos del Amor." Ocana was born in the Dominican Republic, studied in New York City, and currently resides in Spain. There is a timeless, cinematic quality to the guitarists' music featuring wordless vocals, dense rhythmic passages, and minimalist phrasing on both acoustic and electric guitars. One can hear the influence of Egberto Gismonte in Ocana's sharp percussive attack, as well as Phillip Glass in the extraordinary compositions contained in this recording. From the jubilant opener "Ritos" to the progressive rock inspired "La Ultima Cena De Rita" rich layers of sonorous imagery are masterfully produced by a musician that has created his own inimitable musical vision. The album ends with an inspired reading of Ricart-Guerrero's poem supported by sparse, insightful guitar transitions. "In Trance" is a release that will grace the collections of adventurous listeners from contemporary classical to world music enthusiasts. © James Scott