As films’ images move to tell a story, music has the power to add a magnifying element to the emotions that connect the image and the spectator through a heartful link that goes as deep as one’s breath.  Indeed, great films have been produced without music, but when we watch a film that has music in it, and mute it, we realise the overpowering and sweeping effect that music has on it.  Music adds the subtle ingredient to tell a story in a way that words or acting cannot.   This bond is so strong and expressive, that certain moments in images are forever connected, forged to the score of music, like Vangelis and Chariots of Fire or Nino Rota and Godfather.  This is why the marriage of images and sound is essential for most films to reach the level of emotional engagement and eruption desired by directors.

From the very beginning of my career I have had the vision and desires to connect my music with moving images, as well as other media in which music helps create a myriad of emotions, known and yet to be felt. Throughout my life, I have had the privilege to write music for dance, theatre plays, documentaries and films.   My existing pieces have also been requested for the purpose of being used with moving images. I love to see them going together and witness how in this creative area, the sum of them is greater than their parts.

Below you may listen to music I have written for moving images and see two short videos including my compositions.

If you are interested in using my music for your film project, dance, theater, etc.,  or if you would like to have a musical score written for a specific project, please contact me at